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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas 2010: Part 2

Since I posted about the kid portion of Christmas a few days ago, here is what the grown ups did for Christmas this year.

First of all, you know you have been together too long with your husband when you start buying each other the same gift for Christmas. MrDrama and I accidentally got each other Kindle book readers. It's not an iPad, but considering how addicted I have been to reading it, I'm not complaining! I was surprised at how thin the Kindle is. And it's super easy to download to the device.

And I got an aquamarine necklace which is just about the same color as the waters on the beach where I will be reading my Kindle (I know it was a stretch, just play along) during...

A trip to Jamaica in the spring with my husband!

I've never been, but I am looking forward to spending some time being pampered by the staff at the Ritz Carlton. Readers, if I were a rapper right now, I would be popping bottles of Cristal and spraying the champagne everywhere. With at least a couple of backup dancers and my name in neon lights.

I need to go and chest bump somebody.

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