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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas 2010: Part 1

As I mentioned before, we had a nice low-key Christmas. Here is how the first part of our day went down.

I will miss you, Christmas tree.

And we had the first white Christmas Nashville has had in 17 years.

So we needed a little bit of this to warm up...

When the Kid finally woke up and looked outside, she was bewildered at the sight of snow on Christmas, exclaiming, "Christmas came!".

One of the favorite gifts was a kid-friendly digital camera from the grandparents...

And a Sorry! game, which she proceeded to trounce all of us with.

And a great furry hat from Lands' End.

We also enjoyed Skype-ing with family and hanging out in our pajamas until 5 pm. Except for the Kid who had several changes into three different princess outfits during the course of the day.

J.Lo, eat your heart out.

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