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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Little Black Dress Series: Wrap Dress and Silver

I have a plethora of black dresses in my closet that I wear off and on and I wanted to give some options to those who want to shop their closet for any upcoming parties this season. I am going to be featuring one dress a day this week as to how to revamp the little black dress (or LBD) which everyone should have in their closet.

First up a simple wrap style dress with silver accessories.

 H&M wrap dress (black with silver sparkly threads through it, hard to see)
Guess shoes from TJMaxx
Vintage '70s clutch

Same outfit with a different vintage 70's clutch

Side note: I collect vintage purses (mostly from the 60's and 70's). Nothing valuable, just interesting accessories from other antique and consignment and thrift stores. I get more use from these than from vintage clothes and they are usually in better condition than clothes from the same time.

I like this outfit because everything has a subtle sheen, from the metallic threads in the dress to the purse and bracelet to the patent leather shoes, without being too over the top.

Thoughts? Ideas?

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