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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Breaking Fashion Rules: Mixing Black and Brown

I was talking with some friends yesterday about selecting a pair of boots. I have gotten this question recently about what color to go with. Brown or black? People tend to want to go with a black boot because we think, "black goes with everything!". Well, so can brown! My current faves are a brown pair that I could seriously wear every day this fall. I bought them 2 years ago when the skinny jean/flat boot trend first started. It was an  investment worth every penny. Here is why.

#1: Black leather boots can sometimes look more "cheap" or synthetic than the same boot in brown leather. The black color forgives a multitude of sins (which is why a black dress in a cheaper fabric can still look great) but often doesn't get the great patina that brown leather gets.

#2: You can wear brown and black together. Case in point:

 Target Earrings and turtleneck
J.Crew Belt
DSW Boots

I would do the same with a black dress, black tights and brown boots or a black tunic over leggings with brown boots.

I could easily pair the same outfit with a dress or jeans.

#3: Brown leather boots are simply awesome. Not a real reason, but I had to throw it out there.

In general a pair of leather boots will start at about $100, depending on the sales. Some of my favorite more affordable options are here, here and here.

What about you? What do you think of combining brown and black?

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