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Thursday, November 18, 2010

All She Wants for Christmas: A Few Good Throwback Toys

I very rarely buy toys for my daughter. Ask anyone who visited our house during the first year.

Ummm, we've got some shoeboxes, empty foil pans and spoons to play with....

Pretty much any toy she owns is from either a birthday presents or Christmas. With Christmas coming up soon, I am excited to put these under the tree for her:

Fashion Plates: I remember these from when I was little and I cannot wait for her to start playing with them! EBay is my friend.

Spirograph: Shoot, if you can't live your childhood vicariously through your children, who will?

Piggy Bank: She has a good amount of random dollar bills saved up from grandparents and such. We are starting to teach her the idea of saving and tithing/charity and being a good steward of her money.

Jesus Storybook Bible:  Pretty self explanatory, but it has been higly recommended by my friends as a great beginner Bible.

Keyboard: I am tempted to hold off on this one until her birthday, but we have noticed how she always likes to play this at friends' homes, so we are planning on starting music lessons soon. Let the torture of piano lessons begin!

With the new toys coming in, we are also planning on packing up some of the less used baby-ish toys and donating and/or packing them away for future a future Kidlet.

How do you prepare for the holidays for your kids? Or if that doesn't apply, what "old-school" toys do you remember fondly?

Chime in!

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