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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Reader Polyvore: Cocktails

I love getting reader emails. Here is one I recently received asking how to style for an event.

Dear Dr. BabyMamaDrama,
I just love your blog and we share the love of J. Crew and I have 3 year old twins! My girls' school is having a cocktail party for the parents this Friday. I am stumped as to what to wear.  I love the way you put together your pieces so I would love to know/see what you would wear.  Any past outfits you can share?
I am leaning towards an Anthropologie Odille, A-Line, Pleated Black Taffeta skirt with maybe a cardigan and J Crew "Juliet" Black Patent Leather Pumps? Is that too casual?  How would you glam it up? Please help! 
~Vanessa from Connecticut

First of all, thanks, Vanessa for reading! I love interacting with readers. I don't always get to post every email I receive but this one hit home because I have often been in tat position and I am challenging myself to look at more Anthropologie pieces. I love their stuff, but I always feel like their clothes don't always fit my style. Until now.

I would do a very simple black cardigan or wrap with this if it is chilly and take it off once inside to show off that beautiful blouse. I have been eyeing the Blacklight blouse from Anthro for a while now and I may be biting soon. That chartreuse-y color is great in small doses as are the black accessories. The patent shoes dress it up and keep the outfit from being too secretarial. I would do a very simple nude nail polish and that's it!

Happy Wednesday!

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