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Monday, October 18, 2010

Outfit Roundup: How to Edit

I wanted to do a post to show how I edit my look when I am getting dressed in the morning. I usually get ready for work in the morning in about 10 minutes. I go into my closet pick what I am feeling like wearing and do the mirror thing. For example, I wanted to wear this last week because I apparently was feeling very "British Equestrian Riding Team". Pip pip, cheerio, old chap...

J.Crewlet Victoria Ruffle blouse
J.Crew Velvet Eden Blazer
J.Crew cords
DSW boots

Then I realized how costume-y it might look so I toned it down a little by keeping the same pants and blazer and changing out the shirt and shoes.

Limited Necklace
J.Crew perfect fit scoopneck tee
J.Crew Velvet Eden Blazer
J.Crew cords
J.Crew flats

Next to show how a change in a pair of jeans can totally fix an outfit. I probably own 6 pairs of jeans, ranging from Old Navy Skinnies to 7FAM straight legs to J.Crew Bootcuts. I was trying to make the outfit below work for a Casual Friday and the jeans I had initially picked kept bothering me.

Banana Republic earrings
Limited blouse
J.Crew belt
Banana Republic Straight legs
J.Crew Flats

I think the whiskering on the jeans with the flats and that length of top was looking a little too casual for the office. I changed them out with a darker wash bootcut jean from J.Crew and problem solved! I added a blazer on top and was much happier with the outfit overall.

Do you edit your outfit as you get dressed for your day? Is less more or is more only better? Chime in!

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