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Friday, October 8, 2010

Joy Personified

Hey all.  Hopefully as I write this, I will be celebrating my fifth anniversary, sipping red wine, just like we did for our honeymoon.  Looking back, I reposted a blog entry made by a close family friend from the day after our wedding, five years ago (yeah, he was WAAAY ahead of the times regarding blogging, Facebook and Twitter).  I love the way he describes our emotion. 

"The wedding and reception were cool. Well, first it was cool for me to see everyone in DrDrama's family in one place again. That hadn't happened for me since 2001. Uncle can't help but be poignant and funny. Auntie could NOT stop cheesing (and if ever a family should put a patent on smiles, it's this one). [Her sister] is brown, beautiful as ever and I'll be danged if [Her brother] isn't a grown man (I remember summer 1991 when [his brother] was nine and [my brother] seven and they were in the basement watching Friday the 13th when they weren't supposed to. I sneaked up on them with a screwdriver in my hand and screamed as loud as I could. Scared the bejeezus out of them).

"And then there was Mr and Mrs Drama. My goodness, but if you ever wanted to see joy personified, all you had to do was see the two of them on Saturday, October 8, 2005. It was like the joy was oozing out of their pores and you couldn't help but notice it. I overheard some people later on alluding to the fact that the reception wasn't quite "Nigerian" enough but I really liked it and I'm glad that they did what they wanted. This was supposed to be their day so bugger what other people think they should have done. This was the best wedding I can recall seeing that was truly representative of what we are:
Nigerian. American.

"I was really excited during the whole wedding and reception (I even drank a whole glass of champagne, and you know how much I hate the taste of alcohol). I couldn't figure out why I was so happy until I was talking to a friend on the plane back to Dallas. That's when I realized that DrDrama is the first childhood friend that I've kept to adulthood to get married. Other weddings I've gone to or been a part of were either people I've met as an adult or friends of friends, that type of thing. But this was different, more special." 

To my darling husband... happy fifth anniversary!

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