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Monday, August 30, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance - Nashville

In our house, SYTYCD is called "dancers", as in, "Mommy, can we watch dancers?" and "It's Wednesday, is dancers on?". My child was obsessed. She would rehash the show with her teachers at school and they would discuss who they liked the best (Lauren, the winner, was the universal favorite). The Kid even had the Cat Deeley posh British accent down when she said "this is Robert!". Hilarious. She actually cried when I told her the season was over.

The show ended a few weeks ago, but the Nashville version is starting in our house because the Kid is taking dance classes this year.

This is the first organized activity she has done outside of preschool and church activities, so I am excited so see how things go with it this year. I used to be a dancer (I do a mean car dance to Taio Cruz's "Break Your Heart") in high school and college. I asked a high school friend who is now a part-time dance teacher for her tips on picking a dance class for kids.
  • Make sure that the studio has teachers with degrees in Dance Pedagogy or Dance. That way you know that some kid with talent, but no teaching ability isn't teaching your child poor dance habits. 
  • There should be lots of class times and days to choose from. That way you can make up class if you ever have to miss her regular day and not lose out on tuition AND it means they have many clients. More clients usually = a good business.
  • Try to find one with separate recitals for preschool/K. Otherwise, you're sitting through 3+ hours with a 4 year old in June.
  • Make sure they have a preschool program that includes ballet, tap, and jazz.. It would be called a combo class. 
  • Look at at least two different studios for price and policies (waiting rooms, tuition, dress) and then have your daughter visit with you. She might really feel comfortable somewhere and that way, she'll be more likely to go in without any issues.
  • Keep it fun AND educational.
As long as there are no seven year olds in booty shorts involved, I am okay.

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