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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Saturday Twist dress

This was my travel dress to Chicago this past week. My key rule for dressing for road trips.

1. Must be comfortable.
2. Must be comfortable.
3. See rules #1 and #2.

J.Crew Saturday twist dress in orchid shadow
Gap favorite tank top
Banana Republic sandals

I have a couple of the J.Crew jersey dresses that I usually pick up when they are on sale every few months. They are comfortable, look decent and miraculously stain resistant. I reviewed the shirred racerback dress in this post. This one is equally as comfortable and a little more practical for the summer.

*Side note: I decided to be ghettofabulous and per VAMH's review, tried the Broadway Nails (if you click on the picture above, you can see them in all of their glory). They were great for the 24 hours that they were on. It wasn't for lack of quality. If I were a long nails person, they would have been very nice and a great alternative to salon manicures.

However I ended up snapping them off like a hoodrat in a fight because I couldn't get a darned thing done. How do people do anything with long nails?

Back to my regular unglamorous self...

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