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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July 4th Outfit #1 and #2

I rock it like J.Lo and Beyonce or a Nigerian bride during her wedding. The wardrobe changes, that is. I normally don't even bother to change clothes except for into jeans after work, but this Independence Day requires a special nod. Here is outfit #1 from Sunday. Worn to church and shorter than I remembered, so there was some strategic scarf placement going on.

J.Crew Starfish earrings (I'm on a roll!)
Old Navy cropped denim jacket from years ago
Ann Taylor Loft (pre-LOFT days) white dress

(BTW, I am very proud of myself because I could not fit into this dress a few months ago. Thank you, Couch to 5K and crazy teachers of Zumba. I salute you. I can now squeeze my body (albeit uncomfortably) into a size 4.)

The above outfit was inspired by Marisa from According to Moi, with a punch of red with the shoes. I had forgotten about this white dress in my closet (shocking, I know) but realized after she posted that I hadn't worn this in a while and it would be perfect for this weekend. Those red sandals got mad compliments all day long from multiple people. Well played, Modcloth. Well played.

Close up shot of the aforementioned starfish earrings that have been a recent favorite in the earring rotation

Outfit #2 was the Polyvore from earlier in the week. I was mostly covered up with an apron though, since we were grilling with friends. As plain as the outfit was, I think the apron made it so much better. Sort of 60's housewife, right? Can't wait for Mad Men to start...

And for posterity, the shoes!

Toes in Brazen Hussy Red.

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