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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

FInished Couch to 5K!

I finished #C25K this week and I never thought I would. It took a little longer than the 9 weeks that I originally had set out to do, but boy was it worth it. I rewarded myself with a long overdue pair of kicks.

Final Tally:
  • 60-ish miles of running (and some walking, let's be honest) three days a week
  • Six pounds lost (I didn't diet - if anything, I was eating more because my appetite went up)
  • Looser fitting clothes
  • Feeling more physically fit - which for me is AWESOME!
  • Resting heart rate went down by 15 bpm and decreased blood pressure - even AWESOMER.
The challenge now is to keep it up. I may sign up for a fun, non-competition 5K once the heat index gets below 100 - which in Nashville will probably be in late September - aaargh!

Congrats to my friends Amanda, Cara and April who have pretty much kicked butt with motivating me over the past few months as we did this.

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