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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Last Minute J.Crew

This was a last minute outfit change before work. I was in a bit of a crummy mood. We'd been dealing with car trouble (MrDrama was hit in an accident that totaled our other car) and were down to one car and I was running late already, since he had to drop me off at work earlier than usual.  I had thrown on a lazy t-shirt, cardigan and skirt combo just to have something on presentable for work. I went to check the original outfit and was so blah about it that I picked this outfit in about 45 seconds.

Much better. For me, when I think I look good, I feel better.

Obi Belt from some random teenybopper store
Guess black suede heels

Detail of the neckline ruffle.

Love me a good obi belt

For me, if I am going to go all monochromatic, it sometimes works to change up the texture for some more visual interest.

Da shoes!

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