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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Birthday Party Polyvores

A good family friend of mine is having a 30th birthday party in a month or so and the dress code is "Cocktail Attire".  Hmmmm...

Things I know:

a) This friend has a great sense of style, so I know that her party will have guests dressed to the nines.
b) It is a mostly young-ish crowd, so something a little more fashion-forward could do well.
c) I need to try to shop my closet for things I already have (although I am pretty sure I NEED another pair of shoes, like ASAP).

Chicago Cocktails 1Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Sorta leaning towards the first set, because I already have most of the pieces needed, where as the second option would require me to possibly buy another dress from JC (not that you would have to convince me to do so).  I scored a bunch of strands of pearls from the jewelry swap and I would love to pile them on like I described in my previous post.

I may save the second Polyvore for a friend's wedding this summer.

Weigh in please...which works better for a cocktail party where the attire is "Cocktail Chic"?

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