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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Unexpected Layover Fashion Show

What to do when you are stuck in Cleveland with your connecting flight because Southwest cancels all flights to Nashville? Take advantage of the full length mirror and lighting in your hotel room, of course. It would have been more fun to get stuck in Chicago, but you make do and order room service with your three year old!

I got a few things while in no-sales-tax-on-clothing Pennsylvania.

J.Crew Alpansia Swiss Dot blouse
J.Crew Gypsy long necklace, in store only?
Banana Republic Straight leg jeans
Banana Republic flats (these were the only shoes I brought, so they will be popping up again)

J.Crew Tutenkamen silk cotton dress in navy (not online)
J.Crew Gypsy long necklace, in store only?
Banana Republic flats
 J.Crew white perfect shirt
J.Crew Gypsy long necklace, in store only?
Sunshine Peony pencil skirt

Dressing room pic of the watercolor skirt. Loved the color, this was a little too small (size 4) and they didn't have either a 6 or 8 in store. Will probably wait for a popback online or see if my local B&M still has it.

I also stocked up on tights for next winter. At $3 apiece, that is a savings that you can't beat!

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