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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Photo Shoot Polyvores

We are getting some family photos taken soon and I am really excited! I have been blessed with amazing friends who are amazing cooks, knitters/sewers, musicians, artists, scientists and this time I am getting an insider hook up with my friend Jill who has a growing photography business, Jill Bishop Photography.

She and her husband are raising money for a mission trip to South Asia and in exchange for her photography services, clients make a donation of their choosing to their fund. We are still scouting out locations for the shoot, but of course I have picked out the clothes already. It's an illness.  I used to plan my first day of school outfits for at least a month prior to school.  Yes, I did.

First up, MrDrama...
MrDrama Photo Shoot 2010
Photo Shoot 2010
Photo Shoot 2010 by drdrama featuring J Crew 

And the Kid...
The Kid Photo Shoot 2010

The Kid Photo Shoot 2010 by drdrama

I am hoping for something whimsical, like the balloons from the Dior perfume ads from a while ago.

We'll see how it works... 

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