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Monday, May 3, 2010

Nashville May Day Flood 2010

We got stuck in Cleveland overnight because of this.

Photo via Twitter @kelseywynns

We are no longer NashVegas. You may call us Nashlantis. The Music City is underwater.

The Opryland Hotel (has 10-15 feet of water). This is heartbreaking. Will likely take several months to clear.

There are a million more pics on Twitter (#othersituation2010 and #nashvilleflood) and WSMV and the Tennessean website of the flooded areas. The road I take to drop the Kid at day care. Our local Y. Downtown restaurants that I love. The field behind my college dorm. Our farmer's market. Our local Trader Joes... the list goes on and on. 

The Kid and I were flying in from the northeast this weekend and I knew it was bad when I saw random boats in what is usually farmland.  I also discovered the power of Twitter.  Because CNN and MSNBC and other news outlets failed to cover this, Twitter and Facebook became my lifeline for finding out what was going on. Twitter, I *pink puffy glitter paint heart* you. Twitter has seriously changed the way you get your news.

Our house is completely okay, but our neighbors down the hill are sorting through flood-damaged possessions as we speak.

If you are in Nashville, volunteer with Hands On Nashville.

If you are outside of Nashville, keep us in your thoughts and prayers. It's going to be a long clean-up.

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