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Monday, May 17, 2010

J.Crew Shirred Racerback Dress

Dina from the My Superfluities blog recently reviewed this dress (and Summer wore it here) and I think it was spot on. It is cut for someone at least 5'9" in height, so on me it was definitely too long when I am in my bare feet (I'm 5'6"). If need be, I can be pretty handy with scissors or a rotary cutter, but I think I will just wear this with heels in the meantime. I got this when they were having the sale last week on knits.  It is soooooo comfortable.

Earrings: Target or Banana Republic?
J.Crew outlet Jackie cardigan
J.Crew Shirred Raceback knit dress in pewter (I am wearing a size S, for reference)
Banana Republic Abbot cut-out cage heels, seen here

Without the cardigan 

This dress requires either a racerback bra or a strapless one, btw. Otherwise you will be forced to wear a cardigan, like I did.

Love the contrast between a super casual dress and a fierce shoe.

Anyone else try on this or the other knit J.Crew dresses recently? Any other places where you can find a decent long summer dress like this?

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