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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

J.Crew Does Lagos

Although, if J.Crew really did Lagos, it would end up having to pay bribes to the Nigerian police and passport officials.  It would probably also get all of the ruffles seized by customs and get malaria in the process.  But this my fantasy version of J.Crew in Lagos, so shut it.

In the previous post, I went into the gory details of Nigerian fabrics.  Let's break down one of the outfits that I had made for me.  By the way, this fabric went from being in the market stall on Monday to a full outfit within 48 hours.  The technical skill with fabrics and the turnaround is insaneProject Runway has nothing on the local obiomas or African mobile tailors, who walk through the local markets, alerting potential customers to their arrival by clicking their metal scissors against old-school Singer style sewing machines.  They will hem your pants while you wait and whip up an outfit before your eyes.


The outfit in question started off like this.  You grab the latest issue of a local society magazine.  You point out to the tailor what outfit you like an how you would like to tweak it.  They take your measurements.  You get an outfit 2-3 days later.  Considering that a whole family (from babies to toddlers to tweens to grandmas) will will all wear the same fabric to an event, that turnaround for 30 outfits was pretty darned good.  I actually didn't pick out this style, but I was cracking up once I got it.  I am guessing the Victoria and Kelsey blouses that I had worn earlier in the week must have clued my sister-in-law in to my love for ruffles.

Shoes: Joley peep toe patent leather in Warm Brick
Bracelet/Earrings: J. Crew Gold cluster bracelet, teardrop earrings
Necklace: White House Black Market, three years ago, similar necklace here
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