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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Galleria Pleated Dress

I know I have mentioned my love of dresses before because you don't have to worry about anything except shoes when you wear them.  And maybe some accessories.  When I got this dress a few weeks ago, I was in love!  The fit, the fabric - and I got it on sale.  I think it probably needs to be hemmed about an inch, but it's a keeper.

Dress: J.Crew Galleria Dress in navy
Tights: Ann Taylor Loft grey tights
Gold Cuff: H&M, I think
Gold Chain Link Necklace: Target
Suede Ankle Boots: Anne Klein

This is a size 6.  I don't think the puffed sleeves work for everyone, but they worked for me and I really liked the pleats in the back.  A little somethin'-somethin' when you are making an exit, you know?

Detail shot of the boots (pardon the dirty mirror, the Kid had just had a snack and felt it necessary to wipe her hands all over the mirror.)

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