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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Movie Phone

I remember a time (not that long ago, probably 3-4 years ago) when I was a movie buff (when I say buff, I mean I saw about 2-3 movies a month). I used to just go to movies, without thought as to whether or not the movie would be good, just because I had nothing else major on my itinerary in med school or residency to do outside of work. Then I had a child. All of a sudden, watching movies seemed to become more of a luxury that a weekly necessity. The weekly movie excursions have become more of every 3 month excursions to the local theater. With that said, one must choose their movies very carefully post-child. No more wasting money on ho-hum snoozefests like Paul Blart: Mall Cop and You Don't Mess With the Zohan. You choose very, very carefully. My two picks for this summer are Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and Julie and Julia.

The first movie, Harry Potter, has always been a favorite of mine. I am a HUGE fan and would watch this by myself on my day off, I am such a big fan. Sorry, MrDrama. This was probably one of my favorite books of the series and the ending is shocking/necessary. I *almost* wish I was still in high school so that I could write a research paper about all of the allegory in this series - I am just that big of a dork.

The second movie, Julie and Julia, is the recounting of an original food blogger (gasp! before Pioneer Woman and Smitten Kitchen!), Julie Powell who attempted to cook all of Julia Child's recipes from her 1961 book, Mastering he Art of French Cooking. I am a sucker for any movie about food or wine (hence some of my favorites being Sideways and Like Water for Chocolate). I am also a sucker for any movie with Meryl Streep or Amy Adams (I think they are both brilliant). I am also realizing my overuse of parentheses in this paragraph.

The first opens July 15th and the second August 7th and they are probably the only two movies I will watch this summer. Note to self: find a babysitter.

1 comment:

Life with Pog said...

I think a movie every 3 months is very impressive. I haven't been to a movie since December 2007. :) I want to go see Harry Potter too.

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