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Monday, November 10, 2008

Riddle me this: what do these things have in common?

At first glance, you may note very little similarity between an umbrella stroller, car seat and stuffed blue bear. However, we discovered several things on our vacation that linked all of these together. Apparently, the Kid is going through a VERY possessive stage and she panics at the thought of anyone taking anything that belongs to her away. The first incident happened as we were checking in at the airport. The bear (nicknamed "Unc" for University of North Carolina) like all things in the security area had to be X-rayed for possible explosives, including TNT and C-4. I put Unc on the conveyor belt and the Kid gets this look of terror in her eyes as if he is going into the bowels of Hades, never to return. Miracle of miracles, Unc reappeared and was safe and sound.

**We got laughed at by TSA personnel, a low point in my life.**

Incident #2: As a break from Amelia Island, we drove up to Savannah for a day to have dinner at Paula Deen's restaurant, the Lady and Sons. (And if I hear my husband say "Hey, y'all" one more time...)

We wait outside for about 30 minutes and she is quiet as a mouse, enjoying the scenery and people watching. As we are seated the unsuspecting waiter makes the mistake of moving her stroller to a corner so that it won't block the aisle. I am sure there are things like fire codes that the Kid doesn't understand, because what ensues is a head-turning, ear-splitting, nuclear strength screech of protest that he dares to take away her stroller! Needless to say, I have never eaten Southern fried pork chops and collard greens that quickly. I am muttering all the while under my breath about tubal ligations, vasectomies and the merits of only children...

Incident number three occurred when we were checking back in for our flight home and the idiot ticketing agent (long story, but it involves messing up our seat assignments, refusing to fix them and then erroneously charging us over overweight baggage) takes the beloved car seat away. Scream-apallooza 2008 begins and is only calmed with promises of animal crackers and chocolate milk. BTW, world leaders, try some chocolate milk for world peace. It is good for what ails ya!

We get home late at night and are gathering our things from baggage claim and the Kid spies her car seat. Like an acolyte praying for rain, she throws her hands up in the air, yells "Oh!", as she is reunited with a familiar friend.

All is well in the world again.

1 comment:

K,S,M and R M said...

You can really tell a funny story! How was the restaurant, besides the great stroller incident? :)

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