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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What I did on my summer vacation...

I haven't posted in a while because I am back at work (boo!). It is crazy as usual. Sick kids and not sick kids who should have waited to see their pediatrician and the usual parental drama. I love how seasonal my job is. I have been seeing a lot of sunburn in the ER and the occasional swim goggle injury. On a lighter note, the lovely weather has allowed us to have some fun outdoor time with the Kid.

Oh no, it's the paparazzi again! Back off, TMZ, before I get all Mel Gibson on your a$$. Oh wait, I am just at the park with my mommy and Mimi.

I am so loving this whole Mardi Gras thing. Who knew they would give you beads if you show your bellybutton? Just kidding. Hanging with the 'rents at an outdoor street concert.

Who, me? I didn't do it officer!

The next picture comes with a story. It was really hot at day care last week and the Kid was playing outside so I get her stuff from inside before I go get her. One of the teachers stops me and says,

"So about the Kid..."

Nothing ever good follows that kind of statement. Did she lose an eye? Has she started biting people? Has she magically learned how to speak in fluent French? No, she was on her THIRD change of clothes for the day because my little baby has apparently turned into Pigpen from "Peanuts". 'Nuff said.

This is your baby. This your baby after having a mudbath at daycare (click on the picture for extra sandy detail). Any questions?


McGee Family said...

She is so cute!!

Michelle said...

so I'm guessing that was a hair wash day?! LOL. Too bad we didn't vacation together, her and Mimi would have been caked with sand from head to toe every day! I'm starting to reconsider any type of sand box/sand table, etc.!

Beth & Dave said...

Loving the picture captions!

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