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Friday, May 23, 2008

Peace out. I'm headed to the Music City!

I am three hours away from a wild weekend of debauchery and shenanigans in Nashville, TN with my three best girlfriends from college. I was initially excited, but now I am kind of sad that I will be away for 4 days. I will miss the Kid soooo much (and my husband too, of course). But I have a few revelations about my first real alone trip since getting pregnant/having the Kid.

1. I am able to travel light. I have no stroller, no breast pump, no diapers, no 5 gazillion changes of clothing, no bottles. I am going with just my carry-on wheeled suitcase and my purse. I even bought a few magazines yesterday that I can read without fear of them being shredded by little hands. I forgot what it feels like to not have 6 pieces of checked luggage!

2. I will get to really sleep in without feeling just a little guilty about it for 3 whole days.

3. I get to have some good girl-gab time and catch up with my nearest and dearest. We have all finally gotten married and we are hanging out without a wedding to attend (the first time in 3 years). That means no bridezilla moments, no satin bridesmaid dress nightmares, no showers.

4. We are all turning 30 this year and some of us have had a difficult year (one friend is on partial bed rest/pelvic rest with her PG and another had an early PG loss this spring), so I think some cocktails and 1 mocktail an are in order.

5. I get to really miss my family and come home in a few days hopefully well rested and energetic.

Have fun over Memorial Day and I will "talk" to you all soon!


Beth & Dave said...

Have a safe and really fun trip! Can't wait to here what trouble you get into! :)

Michelle said...

I felt some of these things before my girl trip, I even cried getting out of the car to say goodbye. BUT...once I was there, it was great fun and I called home. And when I came home thinking the Boss would be attached to me, she smiled, and exclaimed DADA! LOL. It's all good!

Grace Osisanya said...

How was Nashville? It's so nice seeing Seyi walking! I'm sure she's going to get into EVERYTHING! I look forward to seeing more videos! Love u guys

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