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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Shots suck...

So we did the 1 year check up yesterday. Here are the stats (I think in the metric system, sorry).

Weight: 9.84 kg (Just under 22 lbs, I think)
Length: 75 cm (about 30 inches)

She is perfectly proportional and average as can be, according to the growth charts. That is one place where average is just fine by me!

The Kid was having full blown Cranky Butt Disorder, which made the shots and screening bloodwork oh so pleasant. I watch kids get painful procedures all the time, but I was about to burst into tears during the blood draw. Ugh! Well at least the Kid gets one more set of vaccines and no more until she is 4, thank goodness! Seriously, I was about to put the phlebotomist into an illegal full Nelson and pile drive her like a character on WWE.

She was fussy most of the night, didn't go to sleep until almost 11 pm and woke up at 3 am, only to be carried for 30 minutes until she passed out in her dad's arms and slept. We are no worse for the wear, but I was having flashbacks to our pre-Ferberization days. That is such a dark place that I never want to visit again. Hopefully she feels better in time for the Party! The show must go on, dahling (in my best stage mother voice)!

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