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Monday, April 7, 2008

The 1st Birthday Party Rundown

We had a lot of fun getting ready for this party. I haven't been this excited about party planning in a long time. Colin Cowie, watch out! DrDrama is coming after you...

We did the bash at my parents' house which my sister describes as "doubling in size every year". Seriously. Just like a slow growing fungus. They have this great sunroom which was the perfect place, albeit crowded, for the party. The plan had been to have people eat in the rest of the first floor, but everyone apparently wanted to be all up in each other's grills and whatnot.

The pineapple centerpieces were a last minute idea and at $2.99 each from Costco, certainly cheaper than a bouquet of flowers! I had wanted to take down the curtains to open up the space visually, but after struggling (and muttering profanities) to take down one curtain for 15 minutes, I decided to ditch that idea and tie back the drapes with extra leis instead (a stroke of genius, if I do say so).

I did some knock-off versions of Edible Arrangements' bouquets, because I sure as heck was not about to pay someone $150 for $15 worth of fruit. I also made a mini strawberry topiary with some strawberries, toothpicks and a cabbage (probably the first time and last time in my life I will ever buy cabbage).  My favorite was the strawberry topiary. It took no time at all to make this and I loved the way it turned out.

Baked goods were supplied by Bethel Bakery, my favorite neighborhood bakery who also did our wedding cake. Unfortunate side effect of the cake icing is that one of my little guests who apparently allergic to uncooked egg whites, broke into hives after eating the cupcake:-(. Luckily, her mom is a pediatrician, so a little children's Benadryl took care of it .

I have a gazillion pictures that I love from the party, but my two favorites are these. First is my dad in all his cheesetastic glory.

Me and the parentals.  We've been lei'd. Oldest. Joke. Ever.

 Party favors were beach buckets and shovels with beach balls (people still talk about how popular the beach balls were with their kids), bubbles, squirt toys, rubber duckie, goldfish crackers and MrYuk stickers (ever the pediatrician).

Then one of the Kid and the Husband. They are so cute!

1 comment:

Beth & Dave said...

Thanks again for a great time! Seyi was adorable and honestly, everything was so perfect! We love your family, and now that we know where they live, we just may have to drop by and chat about having twins and such! ;)

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