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Monday, March 10, 2008

Don't put me on a pedestal (but my cupcakes need one)

I have been on a quest for a set of stacking cake pedestals to display the Kid's birthday cupcakes. I tried cupcaketree.com, but I can't stomach paying $40 for something made from cardboard that isn't even that cute (although if Christian Siriano from Project Runway had $40 worth of cardboard, he would make me something fierce). So I started looking for something reasonably priced, but still pretty to look at. I saw a great one on the Macy's website by Martha Stewart (Still rocking the designs, despite her ex-con status. God bless America!). They have a vintage-y feel and look almost like antique milk glass.

Unfortunately, the total cost was over $65 dollars and a little more than I was willing to spend. I ran across some other cool ones, like this one on the Ballard Designs website. Pricey, but very pretty.

So yesterday I hauled my husband and the Kid all over God's green earth looking for the perfect cake pedestal. IKEA, non. Target, nyet. Bed, Bath and Beyond, nein. Michael's, getting closer but no cigar. We even tried Walmart and struck out there. So I broke down and went to Macy's and saw the Martha pedestals, but of course, they only had the small one, not the two larger sizes. Grrrrr...... But I turn a round and what should appear before my eyes but the store brand version of cake pedestals for $25! Of course, they don't have a picture of it available online, but is sort of looks like these ones from Target, except the edges are fluted and the lip of the plate curves down instead of up. The moral of the story is: Macy's rocks! And listen to your husband when he says you should have just gone to Macy's in the first place instead of wasting a 1/4 tank of gas trying to save money on some cake stands.

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