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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

My favorite things...

No talk about raindrops on roses or whiskers on kittens here. I am talking about inventions recent and remote that I think my life would be different without. Here we go...

1. Library reservations: I just rediscovered this recently. My local library always had reservations for books but I found out a few months ago that you can look up any book that you want on their online card catalog and they will deliver said book to your local branch from anywhere in the county. Saves me the gas and time driving to different libraries. Excellent.

2. Verizon DVR: Oh, how I love thee! TiVO has been around forever, now, but we recently got the DVR set top box before Thanksgiving and I have no idea how I survived before this. I have discovered gems like Project Runway (make it work, people) and old episodes of Coupling from BBC America. Our VCR is practically covered in dust because it never gets used anymore.

3. BBC America. Speaking of this, I *puffy heart* this channel. I love that they can be much bawdier and more risque with their humor and they aren't as restricted as TV is here. Anything sounds sexier with a British accent, I figure. My faves on this station are Coupling (think "Friends" but with more funny, eccentric characters), You Are What You Eat (sort of like a reality weight loss show) and Ramsay's Kitchen.

4. Maclaren strollers. I own two and I admit I am on my way to a full fledged stroller obsession with this product. I recently got the Triumph in navy blue and I love it. It's not a problem, is it? Enable me, please.

5. Nuk Pacifier. I love this little piece of silicone and latex. I break it out only for bedtime and naps for the little one. However, it has prevented meltdowns and tantrums in church and soothed her after her shots. Here is an old SAT-type question for you:

My child : Nuk pacifiers :: Mommy:

a) Maclaren strollers
b) carbs of all shapes and sizes
c) opened toed heels (not that I ever get a chance to wear them anymore, they are just fun to buy)
d) beaches
e) all of the above

I think we all know the answer to this one.

6. Cell phone. I knew the telecommunications sector was onto something when, during a road trip to Canada in med school, my friends who had cell phones were using their phones almost like walkie-talkies to signal which exits to use for rest stops. I never remember to charge mine and I am constantly forgetting it at home, but it is a great invention for distracting fractious infants, warding off weirdos on the street and recreating a shopping list with you spouse at home when you never remembered to make one in the first place (are you sure we don't have any spinach?).

7. InStyle magazine. I love to veg out with this magazine monthly and pretend that I am fashion-forward. I think I am far more of a fashionista in my head than I am in real life. I secretly covet the shoes and bags that are more than my mortgage payment. I love learning about new trends and designers. I lust after the celebrity homes and party planning ideas. If I am going on a trip, I hold off on reading it until I get on the plane. Totally fluff and totally worth it.

8. Online coupons. I recently discovered these and I will never pay for shipping for anything online again.

9. Google. Where were we before this behemoth of a search engine existed? Remember having to go to multiple websites like infoseek.com, lycos.com, excite.com and askjeeves.com? Never again. And the whole idea of GoogleDocs and Google Reader is pure genius.

10. Heated seats. I have them in our new car and my backside has never been toastier (TMI, I know). I just hope it never malfunctions and gives me a second degree burn on my nether parts. That would be a REALLY interesting story to explain to the ER doc.

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