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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Happy Place: Kids' Birthday Parties

I have gone to two first birthday parties in the past week and I have to say how lovely it is to go to a kid's birthday party for a 1 year old. We (should) all know how the first birthday party is more of a party for the parents than for the kids. It is probably the one birthday where a crying birthday kid is not only okay, it is to be expected. The baby could care less about what you give them for a present and they would rather eat the wrapping paper than open the gifts (or maybe that is just my child). You don't have to remind them to say thank you, you don't have to worry about a theme, you barely even need a cake. They are more excited about singing or clapping to the Happy Birthday song than what DVD or toy someone gives them.

It is recorded for posterity so that you can laugh at the video of how they cried when a balloon popped or how they got icing in their hair. It is fun to reminisce with fellow parents that you have made it through those sleepless nights, marathon feeding sessions, growth spurts and major milestones. I will say that this gala of a first birthday that is coming up for the Kid does make me a little sad that she won't remember how exciting it was for the rest of us. As I
burn a hole in my pocket ordering things for our birthday luau (which with my luck will happen the weekend of a freak spring blizzard), I am so excited to have gotten the privilege of watching the Kid grow into the bright, comical and loving little person that she is becoming. Except for when she is teething. Teething is a bitch, man.

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